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Thy Rod And Thy Staff

The 11th Hour Saints hear certain things distinctly and respond in ways not given to man. The clarion call is so Loud until it is awakening the dead even! Some backsliders are finding there way back to the foot of the cross while others are passing on to actually begin life in the eternal. One of my dear sisters in the Lord passed away some days ago and I begin to ask the Lord while on the way to church- did she make it to heaven?? You may think that the Lord won’t answer a question like that but He does!!! He does not want us to follow the ways of another person if they went to hell. He is kind and merciful and He does answer. Sometimes before we even get it out good He answers! We arrived at the meeting and as soon as we got out I heard the praise team singing 🎶🎼”YESSSSS-yeeees-YEEEESSSS-yeesssss!!! The song by Shekinah glory!! I knew that that was the Lord answering my question about my dear friend. Her earth funeral was today and my mom sent me a photo of her and WOW wow WOW!!! The body is dressed in purple and the casket is white!

Royalty👏👏 The revelation is this- We must follow on to know the Lord. I can dress myself In purple and white all day long but if I don’t follow on to know Him - then I will be destroyed!! My friend sister Calaway’s body had on purple and the casket was white, but it stayed here for man to “see” to behold! Her soul followed on to know the Lord! This is where we have to come to right now! In this place- the way stuff look- is it really what it is? Because -looks- is going to stay right here with the carnal. It will go back to the ground and the soul of those focused on looks will be taken to outer darkness!

“And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Matthew 25:30

Do you know what an outhouse is? It is a house that is strictly meant for mess and fowl smell. Most often times it is dark and the only reason people go to it is for one thing and one thing only and that is to release waste.

Each day we release waste out of these houses of ours by asking the Lord for forgiveness! He throws it into the sea of forget!

How many of us have jumped into the sea of forget (without being lead by the Lord) in order to remember and because we have done that Father has forgotten us! Wow 😯


Some of the out houses used to have a moon shape on them.

I don’t think it’s ironic that the moon shape is there. The moon comes out in darkness. Our temples are darkness but allowing the Son in we become vessels of light! For the moon to be present it means we have allowed our vessels to become that out house. We all start in this position in sin but by grace through faith we step out of the mess house and we are made again a new creature! The old things are passed away BEHOLD!!! LOOK NOW!! SEE NOW!! I’m made anew! Now I take any mess to the altar and leave it there. No need to jump back into that out house thrown into the sea which I would have to jump back into forget to get it and end up being forgotten by He who remembers. THAT BLOT THAT BLOT THAT BLOT! Let’s stay away from the blot and out of the sea of forget.

“He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” Micah 7:19

“For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

Hebrew 8:12

With these two together we have the sea of forget!


The 11th hour Saints are not waisting time thinking of things of old because they are time conscious!!

Father is coming with the Rod!! For those in Him it will be for protection! For those not it will be for wrath.

Thy rod and the staff comfort me. Will it comfort you or punish you?

Aaron on the other hand, had a Rod that laid before the Lord and it supernaturally budded without natural roots or water! Is that you? Has going through life’s trials with Jesus Christ by your side caused you to bud when you were supposed to give up and die? Yet the blood stained banner still waves in your life today letting you know I AM THE GOD THAT HEALS YOU AND MAKES YOU WHOLE!!

During time of fasting the Lord pressed upon me to make a flag using a rod. It took drawing and cutting and sewing and gluing and painting and thankfully the Lord allowed me to finish it. I want to share with you some parts that He told me specifically to put on this flag that cannot really be seen by the naked eye unless it is closely observed. One more thing while writing this, He just pressed on me to put on it— I will add to this flag- a drop of blood 🩸 The blood stained banner🙏

I wanted to share with you the completed project of the rod! You may see yourself in the details…

Dominion flys pretty nicely,

and is easy to manage. It’s not really heavy at all.

Dominion Standing Up

Dominion has a purple cloth hanging

Purple is a sign of royalty! 👑 It is the color of the chosen, the color of the Elect! Is that you?

Saints of the 11th hour

When I was instructed to put this on the flag it became breath taking!!! What is the Lord saying??? “THEY ARE COMING!!” Prepare yourselves because they are coming!! As I made provision to get this on Dominion my heart started racing! The Lord had me make this flag for more than just one reason of flying it! It’s also used as a trumpet to help push the clarion call! Many times the flag means nothing to those who can see it waving, but to the ones that are running for their very lives the flag symbolizes something totally different. Let me explain what the Lord just downloaded to my Spirit🙏 In a race or a marathon the runners run for long periods of time. Most often times in the important races they run in areas where they can no longer look back and see the flag waving for there victory. While they are running though, they can hear the sound of that flag! They can remember the sight of the flag waving, And they run with anticipation that they will be one of the first to get back to it!!! Victory!!! Then you have the ones sitting right beside the flag, in the company of the flag, and are able to touch the person with the flag! The flag doesn’t mean the same for them as it does for the ones that are really taking the effort to run the race!!! I believe the Lord had me craft this prophetic flag because this is what He is about to do!! Those running are hearing the Clarion calls being made! Some of us are preaching, some singing, some writing, some drawing, some praying, some decrees and declaring but all working together to bring forth the sound of triumph and the sound of COME INTO THE HOUSE NOW!!! Glory be to God- Dominion was crafted for the nations to know that we are coming into our rightful place of royalty and Sonship, that the 11th hours are coming around the bin as we speak!

The blood stained banner

After flying Dominion the Lord instructed me to put the blood on it! Every time Father tells me to add something else I get very nervous! My heart starts to flutter really fast because I know He’s doing something as Dominion fly! I did a small study on flags some years ago and yes!! Green light baby!!! Look at this-

“Praise flags and banners are used to give honor to the Lord, declare territory, and directly rebuke spiritual warfare. They are also used to signify the presence of God. When Flags and Banners are lifted as a statement, it becomes a wave offering to the Lord.“ Oct 9, 2019 › worship-fla... How Christians Can Worship God with Flags - Just Disciple Isn‘t this beautiful? Just by waving a flag with right intentions you could help fight in praise and worship! Listen to these sweet words “Wave Offering “👏🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️ 😂 I feel like getting up now and waving until I fall out!!!

Dominion is not segregated

The beautiful thing about Dominion is that he is not segregated or separated by race, creed, color, gender, or country but He is for the elect!! Those who are running with the picture of the finish in mind‘s eye Veiw. The Lord instructed me to place blossoms on this rod symbolic to Aaron’s rod that budded with no roots. We to Will bud while laying before the Lord! It doesn’t matter how far away you feel from Father He is fateful to forgive and heal!!

Before crafting I wash my hands

I anoint them and pray that the Lord lead me and guide me what to do! We pick and choose fabric, we cut, we glue, we paint etc.

Give the Lord a wave offering and see what He does for you🙏 The call is being made! Can you hear it? It’s spiritual!!! How do you see it?

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