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About Us

We are so honored to have the privilege and have been given opportunity to fellowship with other believers during these callous times! We are among all types of people all the day long giving out wisdoms and demonstrating the  Christ like walk-so yes we smile and it looks easy to others, but at the ending of the day(and through most days)  we crave and desire that....silence, solitude, breath of fresh air, and refilling! This is why the Leader's Lounge was created just for you and , under the leading and beautiful idea of the Holy Spirit, we created a relaxing harmonious sanctuary via social media where we are capable of fellowship 24/7! Praise God! If you have a major concern or just want/need  conversation, you are welcome to chat with us anytime! Here in the Leader's Lounge we exercise the scripture "Iron sharpens Iron." Prier to joining The Lounge you will be able to set up your own profile and begin sharing what the Lord has given you to share! We are all Ambassadors meant for sharing and inspiring. Once you have set up your room in the Lounge you are welcome to chill and meet your other brothers and sisters of like mind and passion! You are also welcomed to invite whom ever you choose to fellowship with our community! We recognize that we are one body in Christ Jesus made up of many members. We do not discriminate against race therefore we love all our brothers and sisters in Christ just the same! Father  God is ALPHA and OMEGA in color! He did not say "I am white, brown, or yellow" but He said "I am Alpha and Omega!" That is our color in the Lounge! "This meeting place is not a church owned by anyone  but a place to relax and share/gain strength."  We Are The Last Day Army that has been set aside and set apart from the world. We are different and not ashamed of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. You are welcomed to the Leaders Lounge! A very nice plus is that we have Seniority Partners that are on stand by if you should need  ANYTHING or any help! Don't hesitate to ring the chat for concern as well! Our community is working on many things and we are excited to be in the world but set aside! We love you and you are welcomed at the Lounge anytime! See you inside!

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