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Come On Let's Ride The Train

Today is a better yesterday and tomorrow's name is "not promised"

The stars shinning like the sun,

Don't be confused about the solar, or where your help comes from

My goals are untold- God holds the future there's no chasing

One look at me you'll see aint no changing

He's still ruling and reigning and so I sit in heavenly places

No spaces for the dark and negative energy

The synergy, bought together by the enemy- wont work

All aboard, come on let's ride

Mount up on the wings like an eagle

Let the youth draw you

To continually love my King of kings forever is what I'll do

How about you

Glassie times/ don't let it cut ya

Open your ears and hear the combustion

False doctrines are blowing away

The authenticity of the word is here to stay

In Jesus Christ name_Amen

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