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Some Hate To Love & Others Love To Hate

Updated: Jul 3, 2021


Are you found in this title? Do we walk around finding reasons to hate everyone and everybody? That’s not the right spirit and it is probably a hard life to live because it is absent of Father! Those Of Us Made Up Of Love Are Not Found In The Title But Found In The Supernatural! Check this out…

🧐 I was going to purchase this today, but when looking closely I realize that they do not have love for my Father. Do you see the name and the stand they have made against good?


It is opposite of ”love”

and really wants to be spelled “evil”

satan loves to hide in plain sight. He does evil deeds in plain sight and calls himself “clever”(not so much)

*Lesson For Today- ”anything opposite of love is evil”

People either have love or they are hateful and there is no in between. Love can be seen miles away, states away, countries away! When Mom or Dad spanks the children, the child automatically knows already that those parents love them. Even through that they still know love! Love is unspoken language that the heart beats and is heard by radio active waves and received through every antenna opened to respond.

Father Draws those specifics to Him- but honestly it’s just as simple as those who have the heart to respond to such a magnitude of forever. How do you see it?


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Erisa Dunda
Erisa Dunda

Wow!!! It’s really beautiful words about love ❤️

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