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Mercy Mercy Me

Have you ever sat and thought of all the wrongs done to you by people?

How did it make you feel? Would you agree that it forced you in a low place?

I mean we try with all that we have to do right by people and still it is just not good enough. What in the world do you do in a world like this? Feelings of anger and of vengeance starts to crowd the conscious mind and maybe even images of red too! Are you going through something like this? I would love to offer you hope and let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of despair. No devil in hell can keep you pressed down from being free! However, Sometimes we believe that we NEED the feelings of rage, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, complaining, and comfort foods of all kinds to sooth the soul. This is only to mask the hurt and the feeling of being rejected over and over and over again. These feelings we begin to think we need, are actually spirits that come to push us into the darkness and unfortunately, if we don't break free in time_ our temples actually become a holding place of darkness until being thrown into outer darkness. Glory be to God, I have great news for anyone who is presently going through this situation of letting go of people who have hurt you. This news is for those who have held the hurt so long until maybe it was even way from childhood or school days. Nonetheless the feelings are still waiting in the dark for when you have a dampened day or a flash back of pain. These feelings, when allowed to stay, will create a depression in your soul and you then begin not feeling free to be you anymore.

The Lord told me to tell you that "I hide in darkness!"

You can never be to pressed down on the inside of you to reach out or call out for help. Yet It is vitally important not to suppress emotions and feelings of betrayal! Let me be clear, it's obviously okay to not reveal your feelings in front of those who hurt you, but they need to be dealt with by you and by God. Most of the time this is done through prayer. If it is a strong hate and these spirits have become stronger because they were allowed to linger longer, then this is where we add fasting as well! All while doing this we are forgiving. Forgiveness is not for them but it is for you! If you choose not to forgive then that vile spirit will open the door for other demonic forces to attack you! We don't have time for anymore enemies on the inside that would love to team up with our flesh making things seem worse than what they are! It's not the water on the outside of the boat that sinks the ship but the water we allow on the inside. To continue to allow

door openers in our lives is to welcome sabotage in. Any type of spirits we do not confess to the Lord and get deliverance and inner healing from will breed the spirit of sabotage and depression. If you will notice... these last two photos are images of openings. Are we still leaving the door open for unwelcomed visitors? Are they making you think that you will "NEVER" be free of them? Can I tell you that that is a lie? Yes you will be free! Start with repentance and then putting on the proper shoes. "Feet shod with the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace. Prepare to do something different. Don't continue to take the situations as they come but plan for success!

Make sure you consult the Lord and He will help you come out on top and be victorious! If you feel that you are in darkness then call out to the Lord and begin to tell on those spirits!! We sometimes like to get cute with God like He does not see what we are facing or fighting. Why do we feel embarrassed telling Him what is going on? Is it because deep down inside the spirit of unbelief was let in and we stopped trusting that He knows whether we tell Him or not! Study the scriptures! Get stronger in what Father said and come out! Freedom looks pretty good on you! We must begin to show mercy again! To show mercy is to have mercy. Do you know that you cannot show anyone something that you do not have? It is a possession. I would rather be possessed by mercy any day than to be possessed by devils.

To have mercy is to receive. Look at this.... "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy!" Obtain means to get, acquire, or secure something.

{Psalms 103:8}

"The Lord is merciful and gracious , slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy."

So the merciful shall get, acquire, and secure the Lord!

Each time you pray for your enemies or do them good, you are merciful and the merciful will get, acquire, and secure "The Lord who is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy!"(obtain) Wow, so it's like breathing. In hail-exhale! Depending on weather we choose to be merciful or not grants the answer of weather we will end up in-hail or ex-hail "EX" meaning without;excluding. Breath reminds us every waking moment that we have very important choices to make.

PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES!! Your enemies are NOT MERCIFUL! So the more you pray for them, the more Father RECEIVES YOU_ the merciful!

*As for our enemies, we have to PRAY HARDER NOW because our prayers have been bouncing back on us and we have the abundance of mercy. This is when we kick it into another gear, because THEY NEED GOD TOO! Most of them are wounded from the inside and it takes a Godly heart of compassion and true love to see it. When we, the saints fall, we fall in love. No matter what it is that has been done we are still in love which is in God. When they,the wicked, fall they do not fall in love because they are not in God. They fall into all types of things that they cannot get free from. It's like a spider's web that never ends and is only passed on to the children! We are blessed enough to pass salvation to our children. Please let's kick our prayers into another gear! If you look at the word mercy, the break down of the word is {M3;SI} Si means "YES" in spanish. {ME;YES} or {ME;SEE)

Backwards it says- "Yes me", or "See me"

What if it was us that was scared on the inside and begin to take it out on others because we really do not know how to deal with the pain? When we pray we should see ourselves in the matter and pray fervently because Father is about to save many of them!! Your reward will be great!

{Romans 9;15}

"For He saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion."

It's time for us to ELevate.

EL means might, strength, and power. In scripture the primary meaning of EL is God.

It will take our Father God to bring us to this level of thinking that they......really are me. Mercy🙏

How do you see it?

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