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How You Churching?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Greetings dear brothers and sisters! Happy Sunday to you! I wanted to share a personal experience with you that found me oddly by surprise! A few days ago I took the children to the dentist to follow up with their appointments and I was presented with a question by the receptionist at the front desk. The question did not come when I first walked in and signed them in but after we had been there for a while and I got up to turn paper work back in she then asked me this question that threw me into a tail spin of thoughts and concerns! She said, “excuse me” but what church do you go to? My husband and I was looking for a good church to go to and I was wondering could you share that information with me? ~At that point I began,with cation, to give this lady the information that she asked for. She began to try to remember the information and ask me what days and times do we assemble together and she began to write it all down! Great! On the way to sit down and while sitting down I immediately got self conscious!!!

What do I have on was my first thought. I began to observe myself from head to toe. How was my mannerism when I came in?

How are the children acting?

Why did she ask me of all people?

What made her ask?

This is when the Lord began to deal with me! Each and every time you walk out of the door you are a representative of me and you are a representative of the place where you fellowship! Ultimately you are a representative of the Bride Of Christ! Know body wants to be apart of something that looks broke down, busted, and discussing. We are royalty and the very essence should speak such without us saying a word! All while at the dentist I was very very cautious and careful about what I said and what I did! Now that I knew that two eyes was watching to determine conclusion!👀 The whole truth is that before the cation ~those two eyes were watching! 👀 This brought me to the place in my mindset to know that life is not just life but at all times others are watching and it’s up to us to represent the Lord to the fullest of our ability, knowledge, and wisdom! OF COARSE I KNOW THIS!! HOW ELSE CAN YOU BE AN AMBASSADOR WITHOUT KNOWING THAT YOU ARE A REPRESENTATIVE!!! But this question brought it to my front door and sat the package beautifully wrapped for me to receive it! As I unwrapped this spiritual package, questions came out of the box and I took them to heart! Are you the representative that Father can be proud of?

How is your attitude toward people you don’t know? Are you and inviting person with an inviting spirit where others can feel comfortable approaching you? What does your appearance look like? Are you wrinkled, are you ironed, are you matching, is your hair combed or cut nicely? How is your speech? Do you have words of profanity just because you’re not around “saints” are is your words uplifting and positive? Are you prepared to bend down and write in the dirt, or are you to high minded about your appeal to get down and dirty to reach your hand out to another? All of these things came from one question from a stranger! Where do you go to church? Question: Have we come complacent and at ease that the same ones that see us in the street may see us different in the church? Do we have the same characteristics, flavor, and fruits of the spirit know matter where we are? This is what it means to be the Bride of Christ! She is the bride when she feels like it or not! We must have these very important questions in check because it is A MAJOR PART of the manifestation of the Sons on God! We attend church services to practice physically how to come together spiritually as the Bride. Each one of us are the church and we then bring that church to the physical. How are you churching each and every day? We are getting graded day by day for what we are putting on spiritually and in private and what we are allowing to be manifested in the earth realm! Eyes are watching, the most important ones being Abba Father!

How do you see it?

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David Donyinah
David Donyinah
Sep 09, 2021

We're the only image of JESUS CHRIST some people will ever see. Let others see JESUS in you. God bless you.

Sep 09, 2021
Replying to

Amen! Each and every day they are looking and searching for Him without knowledge sometimes! When they spot Him inside of us is our chance to become that fisher of man!

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