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Are you YOU Or are you HIM

When someone asks you, “how are you?” And you say, “God is still good”…..

How do you think they feel being that

they asked you how “Y O U“ WERE‼️ Do you think this means we are becoming one with God’s word and His person in order to respond like this? *Jesus said “ if I was hungry I wouldn’t tell you”

If someone ask me how I am and I respond, “God is still good”, personally I feel like I am hiding behind Him….

1.)We never know the person‘s intent in asking.

2.)Words are power so even if feeling bad one should not confess it.

3.)And we know that all things work together for the good of those in Christ and love the Lord.

4) When others bring us to the forefront we bring HIM to the forefront. 💕That’s my husbandman….let’s talk about Him🤗🎉‼️

Is He really our fortress? Less of how I feel, more of who He said I am. How do you see it?

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