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Through Peace And Love We Pursue

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

To Day I Want To Share The Message Of Hope And Love With You! Jesus Came And Brought These Two Things With Him. No Matter What -He Never Took Love Or Hope Away From People. The Days Approaching Now Much Is Going On Just Like In The Times Of Old, But Still We As Leaders Are Comissioned To Always Spread The Message Of Love And Hope Through Jesus Christ Our Lord And Savior. Through The Gift🎁 Of Grace We Minister To Those In Passing That The King Still Walks The Earth Wearing Sandals And Carrying The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders In Love Of The Day When He Will Receive Us Unto Himself Without Interruption. Through Grace We Proceed Forward On Our Journey Knowing Who Waits Us At The End When It’s Time To Begin The Rest Of Our Lives! We Will All Be Together Forever My Dear Brothers And Sisters💕 💗✝️🙏

For I Am Persuaded, That Neither Death, Nor Life, Nor Angels, Nor Principalities, Nor Powers, Nor Things Present, Nor Things To Come,

Nor Height, Nor Depth, Nor Any Other Creature, Shall Be Able To Separate Us From The Love Of God, Which Is In Christ Jesus Our Lord.”

The Difference Between You And Your Enemies Is That God Has Given You The Grace To Do What You Do. That Makes All The Difference In The World! Let’s Not Take His Grace For Granted But Cherish It With Our Eternal Lives Starting Now! I Encourage You To Continue Going Inside With Everything You Have! The Lord Is Calling For Intimacy And He Will Want The Door Closed!

Close The Door

The Doors Of Our Mind And Our Own Personal Thoughts, The Doors To Our Ears To What Everyone Else Has To Say, The Doors To Our Hearts- Not Letting Anything Else In, The Doors To Our Dreams- Our Vision Is Him, The Doors To How We See It And The Doors To Those Who Have Chosen Not To Follow On. The Nation Is Waiting On Us And We Can’t Go Continuing Dealing With All That Other. The HOLYGHOST Sent Me A Message Yesterday And Said That He Is Ordering My Steps‼️🙌🙏 I Humbly Tell You The Same Thing. Father Is Ordering Your Steps‼️Walk Therein‼️ Being Infected With His Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Healing, Deliverance, Break Through, And Next Level is Such An Honor!! Walking In His Steps- We Shine! Not For Personal Gain But For The Father’s Name! We Glory In Tribulation Because It Works Patience🙏 Many Have Messed Up Their Own Blessings Considering They Had No Patience! We Must Aquire Patience Because It’s Impossible To Poses Her Without It. Her? The Soul. My Soul Make Her Boast In The Lord.“

Many Times The Woman Won’t Follow Because The Complete Union Is Not Built On Patience. The Female Of Adam “Named Adam” Was Never Deceived By That Old serpent. God Named Them Adam! Adam Then Being Mesmerized By What He Saw Renamed The Female Version Of Adam “Woman

Woe Means-great sorrow or distress”.

A Name Is Very Very Important! Why Did God Rename Some Of The Men And Ladies In The Bible? What Is In A Name?

Concerning “Adam Female” Being Renamed Woman- All Living Was In The Name -And Affected By It As Well! She Did What “Woe“ Does To A Man Which Is Cause Great Sorrow And Grief!

Instead Of Coming Into The Knowledge That She Was Already In The Image Of God, She Had No Patience As To Wait To Be Enlightened By Father That She Was Much More Powerful And Impactful Being The Softer Side Of Male Adam Than That Old serpent Could Ever Be Again!! Being One With Adam Was All She Needed. People Wonder Why -Adam With Her, Ate Of The Forbidden fruit. It’s Because She Was Him And He Was Her They Were One. The devil Appeared To His Softer Side Who No Longer Had His Name. She Was Tricked To Change From Being In The Image Of God, To Being Like God.

The serpent Appealed To The Weaker Part Of Adam That Is Controlled By His Eyes. The Woman Found In Transgression!! Is This A Case Where The Flesh Lust Against The Spirit? Male Adam Being Made In The Image Of God And Female Adam Taken From The Flesh?

The serpent Made Her Go Against Foretold Scripture “That No Man Can Serve Two Masters” So How Can Two Gods Live In One Adam? They Two Were One.

That Old Serpent Is Still Up To His Old No Good Ways! He Will Try To Appeal To Our Softer Side As Well, Our Souls, And Make Us See Things That “LOOK” Good But Are “No Good.” Society Tell Us To Go This Way,Do That, Be This - But What Is The Lord Saying?

He Had A Personal Relationship With Daniel And Made The Lions Behave. He Had A Personal Relationship With The Hebrew Boys And Met Them In The Fire. He Had A Personal Relationship With David And With John And Matthew And The List Goes On And On.... He Can’t Lead You And I & Guide Us In All Truth? The Devil Is A Lie! While On This Journey,

Seek Peace And Pursue It!“

The First Definition That Popped Up For Pursue Is

-{to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat}

huuummmm Does That Sound Like Violence To You? News Flash For Those That Are Sleeping!!!🛌

From The Days Of John The Baptist Until Now The Kingdom Of Heaven Suffereth Violence, And The Violent Take It By Force”‼️‼️‼️‼️

If You Are One Who Desire To Sit And Be That Good Little Lamb While Playing Mary Had A Little Lamb 🎶🎵 Then This War Isn’t For You! Who Is Actually Ready To Take Position? 🔥‼️ Are You Gifted?? We Need You!! Do You Have The Eyes That Can Kill A Prey? We need You!! Do You Have A Prayer That Cause Demons To Shiver? We Need You!! Do You Know How To Get Into A Door Without Sounding Off The Alarm? We Need You!! Do You Know How To Chram Your Way Around A Silly Woman Held In Position To Keep The Children Of God Out? We Need You!!!!! Do You Know How To Decree And Declare?? We Need You!! Do You Know How To Start A Fire From Scratch And How To Send Smoke Signals?? We Need You!!! Do You Know How To Fish?? We Need You!! Do You Know How To Kill A Bear?? We Need You!! Do You Know How To Correlate Through Scriptures To Take Us Up The Back Alley And Around The Corner, Over The Bridge And Through The Woods Omitting Traps By The wicked?? We Need You!! Do You Know How To See?? We Need You!! Do You Still Operate In Compassion And Have Love?? We Need You!! Do You Have Truth In All Righteousness?? We Need You!!

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;” {Romans 1:18}

Some Of These Things Seem Foolish Don’t They!!

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;”

We Are Mighty Through God Our Father And We Are Already Victorious!!

Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It isGod that justifieth.

I Don’t Know About You Family, But I Woke Up More In Love With Jesus Today!! I Woke Up Refreshed And Looking Through Every Obstacle!!🔥🏃🏽‍♀️ A Thing That Blocks One's Way Or Prevents Or Hinders Progress. No Longer Looking At It But Looking Through It!

Starting With The Doubts Satan Tries To Whisper That We Are Not On The Path! 😂Why Would He Say That We Are Not On The Path If We Were On “hIS PATH”? he Is Subtle But A Dummy! Mastermind Is Controlling Demons But A Great Fool!! Slick In Whispering Curses To People But A Looser From The Beginning!! I Feel LIke Feeling Sorry For hIM But....... NAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! 🔥🔥That Punk Gone Burn‼️🔥I Gave My Feelings To Father And He Constantly Rebukes satan!!!! My Love Is Devoted To Those With A Sincere Cry! Those Honest About Where They Are, Those Who Have Made It Up In There Mind To Seek Help If Need Be! Those Who Have A Heart For The Finish! Those Who Promote Love And Share It-

{“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”}

Wait A Dog On Minute🤔 How You Wash Your Robe In Red And Get White?


Answering A Question With A Question __

How Did Daniel Sleep In The Lion’s Din And Not Get Ate? How Did Jesus Die And Rise Again? How Did Mary Get Pregnant Without Intercourse? How Did Peter Walk On Water? How Did Jonah Jonah Live In A Fish For Three Days? How Did A Donkey Talk And A Rock Spit Water? How Does A Bush Burn Without Being Consumed And How Does Water Be Turned Into Wine? How Are We Saved Because Someone Else Died? And How Is It That You HAVE BEEN THROUGH HELL YET YOU ARE STILL HERE CARRYING THE CROSS TOWARDS THE GOAL OF FOREVER LOVE? We Are Supernatural And I Wouldn’t Trade That With Anybody!!! PRAISE OUR GOD FOR HIS FAVOR ON US THAT HE SEE FIT FOR US TO GO THROUGH AND YET STILL BRING HIM GLORY THROUGH BEING VICTORIOUS!!

Yes Mary Did Have A Little Lamb!🎶🎵 The Song Says “Everywhere Mary Went The Lamb Was Sure To Go” That’s A Lie!! Jesus Says

Who Is My Mother, My Sister, My Brother But Those That Do The Will Of My Father In Heaven”‼️‼️🙌👏👏

I’m Not Following You Nowhere!!! Mary Better Follow The Lamb Because He Knows The Way Home!! Everything Else Is Amiss- Period🔴

And You Know What Father Said In Genesis 3:3 The Age Jesus Was In The Time Of Passing And Rising

But of the fruit of the tree which is in the “MIDST” of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”

He Also Said In James 4:3

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss

Anything Not Pointing Directly To Jesus Is Amiss!

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2 comentarios

Wow Wow 🔥🔥🔥 Hallelujah 👏👏. What a bombshell dropped at enemy's camp!!. Glory to God. "Anything Not Pointing Directly To Jesus Is Amiss". What an alarm 🚨! The Red Zone "Amiss". I choose to rebel from Amiss in Jesus name. God bless you Kingdom blogger Mel. You're a true manna sent from above for my spiritual nourishment. May you soar up with wings like eagle's in a higher altitudes of combat where the enemy will rue and drop the course. More grace, revelations and exploits in your ministry in Jesus Mighty name.🙏🙏🙏.

Me gusta

Let i read and meditate upon this message and I'll comment later. God bless you Kingdom blogger...More grace and peace be multiplied to you in Jesus Mighty name....Preach's worth the Incorruptible crown awaiting you. Amen🙏

Me gusta
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