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footprints Of A Servant-

Melanie N Rembert

Sometimes being single can be rough! Oh my goodness! Just going to the super market can be challenging grant it the ones that are up to no good are trying to holler at you, or those that are already “occupied” voluntarily swing their buggy in your direction to make you aware that they are checking you out! Uggghh. It’s also really tough when you have had children and now they see these beautiful little crumb snatchers (begging in the cereal isle for more frosty flakes). No matter how embarrassed , we love our children so much all while knowing that in order for a good guy to receive us they must receive them as well! And no matter how much we love them we know that someone else may not take the temper tantrums, bad attitudes, and unrestricted noise in love like we do. Even through the high mountain climbing we still feel like companionship is a 911! Family reunions and weddings doesn’t help at all by pushing the emotions to an all time low! Those judgmental eyes you can feel watching you and the words that you know are being whispered is -“I thought she would be married by now! Lord knows it’s past time.” Dealings of this magnitude happen all the time. In daily life of dealing with these insecurities of -Will I ever have a Prince Charming- we sometimes settle. I’m here to tell you that Age nor children can take away who God has made you! A diamond in the rough we become when we allow Father God to wife us first! The Bible says “Whoso finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favor with the LORD.” (Proverbs 18:22) A wife is already married. She is married to the Lord God when her hubby finds her and this is what makes her of great price! Why- she's married to royalty!! When we learn what He likes and what He doesn’t care for, we are on the way! Then we begin to respect what He says concerning us, our bodies, our minds and others around us! When “yes Lord” becomes active in our daily speech and obedience follows He says, “now you’re ready!” Flesh will try to jump ahead of God and do things on it’s own like fleece the next brother that joins the local church and is single. One smile from him and we think “THIS IS IT!” Often times mistaken. A disappointed, anticipation is one of the worst emotions to encounter. This is why even when we feel like it’s that time we should still proceed with caution ⚠️ Truth be told most of us spot him before he spots us! Those cool, calm, and collected then walk by without so much as a glance his way! He then spots us and overtime does what it takes to get us to notice him and to make us officially his. (GrlCode 101) Years later after marriage you hear him telling the story about how he found you when in all actuality you helped him see you, and then put 50 cents in his ego machine by smiling back when he bends over backwards to become noticed. This is for another blog!!! So God says it’s about to happen! The key is to stay prayerful and stay the coarse. Now it would be against our nature if I said don’t look. So when looking a prospective, what do we secretly look for? ~ Do we know? Yes! Look for your Father! They always say a woman is going to find her father in a marriage and the man will find his mother! In this case - look toward Father God. Imagine how He would be if He was walking the earth or attending your church! Based on Father, Your match will be an extension of God! He will have God’s Spirit flowing on the inside of him and that god like light will be shining. He may also seem like a no nonsense type of man who is vigilant! When you pass by, he’ll look- but not as though he wants your phone number or anything else for that matter. Just a glance because that’s normal to do when someone passes you. His quick look will be a serious glance like he had things on his mind before you passed and now that you’ve passed he still has things on his mind THAT’S NOT concerning you. You’ll go on and wonder - did he even see me? He seemed as if he had much on his mind and looked as if he looked right through me!! Later thinking of him and knowing 100% that he is in fact NOT thinking about you. ✅Your Match! 1) Has God’s Spirit 2)Serious 3)Focused 4)Not Married already All of these characteristics are important because to have that one that notices you and is all at you upon first opportunity is a risk! ⚠️ Risky waters!!! If he notice you so fast, how many other women does he notice and when you’re married how many will he continue to notice? Another reason you DON’T want him flipping out over you so soon is because you want a man that is God lead- thus the serious face and thus the looking through you. When God tells him, “that’s the one” THIS IS THE TIME he then turns his attention to you! A God man that is able to think past what he sees is a keeper! A man that is not “always” joking and jiving has a great possibility of being grounded in the since of whatever his responsibilities will be. A man confident in who he is will not be intimidated by your confidence that is renewed day by day. The God man will not know everything, but he will be in relationship with the one that does know everything! And if God truly speaks and tells him that you are the one, then you - having children won’t make a difference, because God has already given him the heart capacity to love them as well. Not saying that you won’t have trying times, but that God will be faithful in it all because he has two children who cares about what He thinks! God Is our King of kings and Lord of lords, but He still desires to be needed. If you are saved and single I’ll ask you to not be to swift in choosing a mate! Wait on the Lord and you won’t regret it! He has that sound minded Priest waiting for you! Just keep seeing, and keep knocking for things of the spirit and God will grant your request in the natural because it’s his request as well! He knows what we need before we even ask! “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added!” As of now- take your time and enjoy the journey! Allow Him to keep leading you beside the still waters and restoring your soul! And when your hubby does comes, you’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and of a sound mind! Giddy women come a dime a dozen, but those that have boundaries last in memory forever. And if Father wills it- they end up at the altar saying “I do.” Please don’t get weary in well doing, for in due season you “will” reap if you faint not! Advice, statements, and testimonies are welcomed in the comments down below. How did you make it through being single and saved? Is it possible?

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