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Muddy Waters Are Still-

Giving the relaxation and enjoyment that we feel when interacting with water a refreshing sensation over takes us! The continuous movement of the water can often times take us away into beautiful dreams and very vivid imagination- life like even. Who ever would have thought that the Sound and sight of water could be so powerful as to move us off topic of medical bills, insurance claims, and finals to be taken at the end of the semester- to liquid glory by chance that anything is possible to those who believe! So many useful and exciting things can be done within, near, and at the sight of this aquatic element of “let me in“ or “come in!” Father made it so necessary when He allowed us to enjoy the sight, the sound, and the texture of something we could also drink and gain nourishment from!! My goodness! How can one gift given be used in so many different ways!? We are allowed in it for a nice time,

It’s allowed on us- for cleansing 🧼

It‘s allowed in us for nourishment and to forfill every organ within. H2o. What a present presented to us from the Beginning!

As revitalizing And fortifying as it is

we can hardly find use of it when it is in a position of standing still without movement! The motion in the ocean promises enliven while providing habitation for other living creatures and much need salt 🧂 for preservation of food intake. Comparing this moving dream wave to more water but this time the water is still. Just standing still. No movement, no sound, no relaxation and rejuvenation, no cleansing, and we’re not allowed to partake in a cool drink of water- because the water has sat still for so long it’s not thought of even a second time for use in importance. Actually it becomes an eye sore because we’ve seen how beautiful, and convenient it can really be- and here we have what looks like a waste. Muddy waters with no use at all.

The Lord made us with all the gifts and talents He desired for us to have! He made us to be able to transform into habitation for those needing shelter! Jesus says I’m the door and He desires for you to lift your head oh Ye gates and be lifted up Ye ever lasting doors! With everything He placed on the inside of us- when we choose not to move to His beat and follow with what He is instructing, we become like these muddy waters! Once great- but now not thought of twice when it comes to all the pure nutrients water alone can bring the human body, along with all the activities done in and through it. The question today is... are we muddy? John 4 13,14 says

“Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

He made us to become this everlasting water refreshment for our generation! Along with this comes all the directions and instructions we have been given to do to remain drinkable. Passing up the muddy waters of comfort let’s dive in the Word of God for the Enliven because everything He has given us to use for His glory is for Him to gain edification and Glory! No More Muddy Waters- Newness is calling!

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