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Get It While You Can! The Shop Is Closing In 10!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Footprints Of A Servant-

The oil of the Lord is so precious! With everything else aside, do we acquire the oil? As serious sons and daughters of the Most High, this needs to be something we are looking deeply into while working and worrying about life as we know it! However the media would love to keep our attention plastered on other things that does not elevate us spiritually and where has it gotten us so far? Most churches are still closed and people are left wondering what to do! We must come to grips and realize that now is the time we need to be aware if we have oil in our vessels or not! The door to the ark is closing and the oil shop will be out of business in 10! Do we have the oil? It is so precious saints! We must make sure that we are in right standing when Christ returns for us! Let's stay connected and stay shinning!

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