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Walking On Water

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The Lord sees pure worship as a part of intimacy! Intimate partners withdraw things from eachother spiritually. Do you believe? It's not a "one way street" of giving! "Both" partners give to make the relationship work. When the Lord LOVES YOU, He doesn't plot to see what He can get out of you but He wants to see what your heart and intentions are about so that He can give you everything! The same goes with us as believers. We should never worship, praise, and plot! An upright heart says "Lord, I want to give you everything." Is this you? Are you in love with the creator who makes us creative? Keep walking by faith! The walk gets easier! People mostly stay the same so when you live and learn, you know what doors to go in and what doors to close. Abba shines the light 💡 It's up to us whether we continue to see what we want to see or to see it as He has shown. The walk by faith is transformative into eternal life while here on earth. You go to sleep one day and then wake up into what's way bigger and way better! Life with Abba! Happy new month!

David Donyinah
John Peter Ama


One mind, one speech, one God


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